Top 5 Relationship Warning Signals - Anger Management
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence impacts over 85% of an individual’s personal success.

Emotional intelligence serves our primary factors of motivation which is vital to improving human performance and healthy relationships. Research tells us that those who have heightened levels of emotional intelligence in relationships are much more successful.

Would you like to?

  • Defeat self-sabotaging behavior
  • Avoid problematic patterns in intimate relationships
  • Identify repetitive interpersonal communication mistakes
  • Enjoy elevated levels of emotional confidence and intimacy

Learn the obvious and not-so-obvious strategies and tactics of emotional intelligence, stress management, and interpersonal communication skills; giving you the power to create healthier and more peaceful relationships.

Course Benefits:

  • Improved emotional control when confronted with other peoples' anger
  • Minimize personal "trigger" responses
  • Learn to improve relationship boundaries
  • Handle stressful situations without manipulation
  • Develop decision-making skills to improve reciprocity
  • Advance your assertive communication skills

Your 12-Week Course Includes:

  • Eight one-on-one 60 minute sessions ($1,192 value)
  • Eight one-on-one 30 minute Inner Balance stress management coherence training ($792 value)
  • Course workbooks and reference guides ($120 value)
  • Pre and post assessments ($298 value)
  • One family/friend survey *optional ($149 value)
  • Motivational interview and personalized action plan ($249 value)
  • Six month subscription to EQ-Academy Follow-up Program; resources, meet-ups, and online support for maximum results. ($594 value)

EQ-Academy Is Valued at $3,394 - 

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